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Cape Town says Goodbye to Ratanga Junction

It was only recently confirmed by the Rabie Property Group that Ratanga Junction will be closing down for good on the 1st of May 2018, which is only eight months away. Although the end of this legendary landmark in Cape Town has been in the pipeline for a while, nothing concrete has been determined until now.

As Cape Town’s biggest theme park, with the striking bright yellow “cobra” rollercoaster visible from the N1 highway and forming a major part of Century City’s attractions, many locals feel a sense of nostalgia at the thought of Ratanga Junction closing its doors for the very last time. This beloved amusement park opened in 1998 and since then, many magical moments and amazing memories have been experienced here along the way.

According to the Rabie Property Group Director, John Chapman, Ratanga Junction’s scale had been over-designed from the beginning and, despite efforts to downsize, close the park during off season and even introduce an all-year round conference facility, the revenue was unfortunately still not enough to support the expensive maintenance and upkeep of the park.

Thousands of local and international guests have enjoyed over 25 endorphin- boosting activities at Ratanga Junction theme park over the last 19 years, with the infamous Cobra rollercoaster coming in as the most thrilling of all, travelling at almost four times the force of gravity. Another exciting ride at Ratanga Junction is the exhilarating Slingshot, a crazy mixture of bungee jumping and skydiving, described by some as the closest thing to flying.

Family friendly rides include the wonderful Monkey Falls – a great balance of adrenaline and fun with a plunge of 18.5m, splash-landing into the lake below. The Congo Queen is quite literally a large swinging boat, while the tamer and more family-friendly Bushwacker rollercoaster is fun for all.

Ratanga Junction provides additional family fun with a myriad of carnival games, while also showcasing riveting magic shows for kids and occasionally even music and dance performances. Petting zoos, bird shows and a selection of restaurants in the open air food-court also contribute to the appeal of a day spent at Ratanga Junction.


What to expect once Ratanga Junction closes:

The news of Ratanga Junction’s upcoming closure sees an end to an exciting era in Cape Town, but also the start of something new. The land will be used for redevelopments into a “vibrant mixed-use precinct”, which will encapsulate the nearby Canal Walk shopping mall and Century City, while also embracing the surrounding canals and islands. In the years to come, we will see the opening of more public space, a few residential apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants and shopping facilities.

The good news is that we still have time to enjoy Ratanga Junction before it closes. With the school holidays coming up and summer days not far away, plan to enjoy this amazing theme park at least one more time before May 2018.  If you are planning to spend time in Cape Town for a holiday to visit Ratanga Junction, enjoy Blouberg Holiday Rentals selection of self-catering accommodation options, by clicking here.