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Cape Town’s Water Crisis – How it will (and won’t) affect your Holiday in Blouberg

Cape Town is currently experiencing one of the worst drought’s to have affected us in almost 100 years. We waited in eager anticipation throughout winter (our rainy season) in the hopes that rainfall might increase and turn the situation around, however this was not the case. The festive period is Cape Town’s peak season for tourism, welcoming guests from all over the world to enjoy our sandy beaches, the majestic presence of Table Mountain and our idyllic Mediterranean climate.

Some tourists might wonder if visiting Cape Town is a good idea during the water crisis. The tourism industry gives a much needed boost to our economy and as such, tourism establishments and property management companies like ourselves are welcoming guests and providing all necessary guidelines and structured awareness campaigns. It has been concluded that tourists won’t significantly impact the water crisis, as long as water wise measures are followed by all.

Blouberg Holiday Rentals would like to share a little insight with you, as a tourist planning to visit Blouberg and the surrounding Cape Town areas in the near future. We have also prepared a few guidelines for you to follow during your stay to assist Cape Town in our plight, while still having an amazing vacation.

Cape Town’s Level 5 Water Restrictions:

In an effort to be water wise, the City of Cape Town has implemented Level 5 Water Restrictions throughout the Western Cape. In some areas water rationing has already been implemented in an effort to save water in every possible way.

• While visiting Cape Town, you may use only 87 litres of water per person, per day

• Only shower for 2 minutes per person (click here for some of our favourite 2 minute long South African shower hits)

• Swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s may not be accessible

• Only flush when necessary – one toilet flush uses about 10 litres of water!

• Avoid using dishwashers and washing machines (wait until you have a full load to clean)

• Don’t leave any taps running when washing your face or brushing your teeth

• Please understand that our gardens may not appear as lush and green

Major tourist attractions can still be enjoyed in Cape Town city. Bloubergstrand is home to a beautiful beachfront and a few lovely beaches that are perfect for swimming, surfing and kitesurfing. There are also a variety of restaurants and attractions in Blouberg that can be enjoyed by all.

What is Blouberg Holiday Rentals doing to be Water Wise?

We are still regularly welcoming travellers to enjoy self-catering accommodation chosen from our selection of luxury villas, modern homes and cosmopolitan apartments located in Bloubergstrand and the surrounding areas of Milnerton, Century City, Sunset Beach and Melkbosstrand.

Our individual home owners have been informed about a company named Pinpoint that is able to install an excellent water waste management system in their properties. This is also a great system to detect and prevent leaks, and has been met with interest from most of our home owners.

Our Blouberg Holiday Rentals team makes a point of discussing the water restrictions with potential guests before they book accommodation, to ensure that they are aware of the drought and its implications. Our team has also placed notices in our properties welcome books, on the back of bathrooms doors as well as on our email signatures – this allows us to consistently remind holiday guests about the water restrictions.

We thank all of our holiday guests for their consideration during Cape Town’s water crisis and welcome any questions, which can be forwarded to