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The Best Coffee in and around Cape Town

Cape Town is famous for its many unique and amazing coffee shops, from the more well known franchise brands to unique little coffee shops with tons of character and charm, owned and run by coffee lovers who share their adoration for this craft with the world. The bustling city streets are lined up with trendy coffee roasteries, vibrant cafes and sensational bakeries where “a cup of coffee” is usually the order of the day. Capetonian java enthusiasts never run out of new places to try and tourists in search of the perfect cup are spoilt for choice when in search of something special. Cape Town’s creative and talented individuals rely on their coffee to perform and keep up with the electric pulse of the city.

With a good few months of winter chill left in the air, we have compiled a list of our favourite Cape Town Coffee spots, where guests can be enchanted by a variety of well-loved blends and meet passionate baristas who live for coffee like we breathe air. Learn more about Cape Town’s coffee hubs and discover why tourists and locals just cant get enough!

What are Cape Town’s most popular Coffee’s & Hot Drinks?

Americano – Oftentimes, a good coffee shop boasts an impressive selection of coffees. When in search of that basic cup of Joe with just espresso and hot water (with milk and sugar added, depending on your taste), Americano is just that. Americano is a popular option for those exploring the tastes of unique blends, or for those who simply enjoy plain-old, unfussy coffee.

Caffe Latte – Definitely a favourite among modern and hip coffee drinkers in Cape Town, Caffe Latte is less bitter and strong, perfect for those who aren’t ‘coffee junkies’. Consisting of an espresso shot (or 2, or 3…) with frothy steamed milk, it is an easy-drinking European styled coffee that can be infused with flavours like honey, chai or almond for extra sweetness.

Cappuccino – Quiet possibly the most popular coffee beverage in the world and certainly so in Cape Town, the cappuccino consists of three layers to create is delicious texture and taste. First a layer of espresso followed by a shot of steamed milk and then finished off with froth or cream. Often, the froth is topped with sprinkles of chocolate to add some sweetness.

Espresso – An espresso is the ultimate ‘pick-me-up’ coffee, for a sudden burst of energy or to appreciate the uninterrupted and pure taste of coffee, with no added extras. Finely ground coffee beans are brewed by forcing high pressure water into them and extracting rich, bold flavours. This results in a strong black coffee that half fills a small espresso ‘shot’ mug.

Irish coffee – A wonderful winter warmer that combines the excellence of coffee with the fiery heart of Irish whiskey, combined with stirred sugar and a topping of thick cream. This cocktail of sweetened coffee is enjoyed as a dessert drink in Cape Town and is served at many pubs and restaurants, as well as a number of coffee shops.

Hot Chocolate – Otherwise known as hot cocoa, hot chocolate is a warm indulgence that is served differently everywhere. A treat of cocoa, melted chocolate and hot milk, often topped with cream or foam and sometimes marshmallows. Hot chocolate is a decadent drink enjoyed by many Capetonians on a cold, icy day.

Rooibos Tea – This flavourful tea is popular though out South Africa for its health benefits and delicious flavour. Rooibos or ‘red bush’ tea does not contain any caffeine, is low in tannin and can be enjoyed black with lemon or else flavoured with sugar and milk. Many coffee shops serve rooibos tea variants like ‘red cappuccino’ or ‘red latte’.

Truth Coffee Roasting – Voted the best coffee in the world by The Daily Telegraph and attracting both locals and tourists on a daily basis, Truth Coffee Roasting is a modern steampunk styled cafe in Cape Town city that is all about exceptional coffee and exquisite food. The coffee is hand-roasted in a vintage cast iron drum, with popular blends like the funky ‘Resurrection Blend’ and ‘Deep, Dark & Twisted’ as well as an offer of  5 unique blends that encompass the fullest coffee flavours, each resonating with the preferences of individuals. The atmosphere is otherworldly with amazing Steampunk and vintage decor. Red leather booths and stretched out wooden tables, steel art and decor like typewriters and clocks create a special setting, while the coffee brings everything to life – which is to be expected of coffee with such high acclaim. From a stunning breakfast menu that includes a Steampunk Benedict or Spanish Rhapsody, lunch menu where the Bunny Punker Burger comes highly recommended and also a few on tap beers, Truth Coffee Roasting is definitely a one of a kind coffee drinking experience where diners can ‘expect the extraordinary’.
Get in touch:
Adress: 36 Buitenkant St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town,
Number: 021 200 0440


Bean There Coffee Company – Have you bean to Bean There Coffee Company? If not, now is as a good a time as any to experience South Africa’s first roaster of certified Fairtrade coffee. From the first sip of Bean There coffee, drinkers will be transported to the adventure filled lands of Africa and discover a unique heritage in flavours. Bean There’s single roast origin coffee is roasted in South Africa and sustains people and the earth. The Fair Trade standard means that producers receive fair trade for their coffee even during market fluctuations, which assists with community development and empowerment. These ethically sourced beans produce some truly magical coffee’s that have come to enchant many Capetonians as well as tourists visiting the city. The coffee here is roasted in small batches, allowing distinctful and full-bodied aromas to form in coffee. A colourful African decor style sets a lovely ambiance of relaxation and funky playfulness, where friends can come together and enjoy their daily fillings of superb java as the city rushes by just outside the front door. Bean There is open Monday-Fridays from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
Get in touch:
Adress: 58 Wale Street, Cape Town
Number: 087 943 2228


The Daily Coffee Cafe – With 15 coffee shops in South Africa already forming part of the Daily Coffee Cafe franchise, it is easy to imagine that their coffee really is as amazing as it sounds – the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, in the coffee. Beautifully situated along Big Bay’s gorgeous West Coast, sip of a flavourful and inspiring cuppa Joe as the gentle waves and fresh ocean air create a relaxing, magical ambiance. Famous for their New York meets Karoo themed decor that is a beautiful combination of rustic edge and cosmopolitan sophistication, The Daily Coffee Cafe prides itself on its excellent hospitality and warm, friendly staff. The ‘Daily Roast’ coffee roastery is a division of the Daily Coffee group and supplies this friendly cafe with its exceptional and aromatic coffee beans, which are truly African in origin, being traditionally hand-roasted in the Boland region. Diners can also enjoy a great seasonally changing menu of breakfast and lunch dishes as well as a freshly baked array of cakes and confectionaries.  An amazing selection of coffee favourites includes Americano, Cappuccino, Con Panna and Espresso, with speciality teas on offer like Red Cappuccino (a rooibos based drink), chai latte and Early Grey. Open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm and on Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm.
Get in touch:
Adress: Otto du Plessis Dr, Big Bay, Cape Town
Number: 021 554 2434


Origin Coffee Roasting – Origin Coffee Roasting is an impressive and sensational coffee roastery in Cape Town that is well-loved among locals and is often enjoyed by coffee-addicts from around the world.  At any given time, 10 or more single origin coffees are on offer as well as a seasonal blend. With Origin’s ‘unbroken chain of excellence’, enjoy beautifully and professionally prepared speciality coffees in a modern steel-deco style setting, with metal pipe structures, pale wooden tables and brick faced walls that seem both urban and chic. Through constant experimentation, ethic and sustainable bean sourcing methods and artisan roasting formulas, Origin continues to remain one of the trendiest and happening coffee spots in the Cape. Having mastered the creation of a perfect cup of coffee, communities of coffee lovers flock to Origin for their daily dose of caffeine. Of course, good coffee is also enjoyed over a good meal and origins food menu is a tantalizing one, incorporating local fresh produce and seasonal ingredients. Breakfasts like Pork & Egg Brioche Buns or omelette’s can be enjoyed throughout the day, while lunches include Montreal Bagels, Burgers and fresh salads as well as a mouth-watering variety of biscuits.
Get in touch:
Adress: 28 Hudson St, De Waterkant, Cape Town
Number: 021 421 1000


Petit Fours  – With the West Coast and vast Blue Ocean in view and a rich coffee aroma permeating the air, Petit Fours in Blouberg is a wonderful coffee shop and eatery for the whole family to enjoy, regardless of the season. A combination of French elegance and South African beach front relaxation create a delightful ambiance for visitors to enjoy, with friendly staff on hand to assist guests. Because of its wonderful setting right by the sea, Petit Fours can get very  busy over weekends but is quieter during the week – they do take reservations. Enjoy a sensational coffee from their ‘Hot Drinks’ menu that includes espresso, macchiato, long black or whites, cafe latte’s, rooibos tea or a hot chocolate treat. A breakfast menu has all the delicious traditional favourites, with a few healthier options too. The Petit Fours lunch menu showcases gourmet sandwiches, quasadillas and amazing burgers, while a selection of cakes, tarts and freshly baked goods are the perfect light snack to enjoy with an amazing cup of coffee. What better way to start a day than with amazing views of Table Mountain and the ocean while enjoying excellent coffee with loved ones. Open daily from 8 am to 5pm.
Get in touch:
Adress: 20 Stadler Rd, Bloubergstrand, Milnerton
Number: 021 554 4462


Bootlegger Coffee Company  – A rock-n-roll inspired coffee shop that was the brainchild of three friends with a passion for superb coffee and the beauty of Cape Town, The Bootlegger Coffee Company’s brand has only blossomed and there are now 10 of these coffee shops in Cape Town. Each store has a unique line from an AC/DC song lighting up the wall in neon lighting, to reflect The Bootlegger’s funky attitude and musical influence. The Bootlegger Coffee Company uses the best beans from Guatemala and Costa Rica and a ‘secret’ roasting technique which we would love to discover. A fantastic setting to embrace your inner ‘coffee-snob’, the Canal Walk branch is surrounded by modern and edgy architecture and green laws, with indoor and outdoor seating. The breakfast menu includes some freshly baked croissants and muffins as well as a selection of traditional hearty breakfasts, while the lunch menu uses home-grown produce and the finest ingredients available to put up some sensational dishes that include Pizzas, Burgers, gourmet sandwiches and amazing wraps for something healthier. Open Monday –Friday from 6:30 am to 5 pm
Get in touch:
Adress: 207 Esplanade Rd, Century City, Cape Town
Number: 021 201 6811


Folk Coffee Anthropology  – A trendy and vibrant coffee shop situated on Cape Town’s bustling Bree Street, Folk Coffee Anthropology promises a unique experience over a cup of exceptionally brewed coffee. The open and light space is perfect for social visits with friends and there is even an exciting coffee inspired cocktail menu for when you just can decide between the two. Bookshelves filled with classics and vintage decor add to the appeal.  An extensive Espresso menu allows coffee lovers to experience this form of coffee drinking in a new and different way – enjoy an espresso over lemon ride, or topped with textured micro foam or whipped cream. Other coffee variants include americano, cappuccino, cortado and piccolo, while warm beverages like lavender white hot chocolate and ginger red (rooibos with textured micro foam and gingerbread syrup) intrigue guests and excite palates. The food menu is one to look forward to as well and environment of Folk Coffee Anthropology aims to connect people with the good things, with diverse individuals and inspiring conversation. Open weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm and closed on Sundays.
Get in touch:
Adress: 4 Touchstone House, 7 Bree Street, Cape Town
Number: 021 276 1795


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